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Jaybird - XE-HRSM-2001 (Our ITEM #: 287374)
Humidifier RSM - 1HP, 3Ph
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Aquafog® HRSM™ - Mobile Fine-mist Humidifier

HRSM™ is compact, sturdy and enormously powerful. Uses include; large-scale humidification, fumigation, evaporative cooling and industrial spot cooling to name a few. The pivoting fogging head allows you to direct the fine-mist fogging output right where you need it. HRSM combines the TurboXE Fan with a portable condensation recirculation tank for high mobility and ease of use. Suitable for indoor/outdoor, units are fully adjustable with fogging capabilities up to 32 gallons per hour. HRSM's propel a powerful jet stream of misty-fog mixed air-flow up to 35 feet in distance. The 18 gallon reservoir tank with large mouth opening is ideal for adding liquid chemicals for fumigation and sterilization applications. An internal float valve assembly with garden hose connection allows for continuous duty applications.

XE-HRSM Description

HRSM features the same nozzle-free, no-clog atomizing head as the TurboXE fogging fans, but has a large recirculation tank system for mobile or stationary high volume fogging applications. Large 18 gallon tank contains a powerful, submersible pump which recirculates all drainage and supplies a substantial stream of liquid to the fan’s atomizing head.

  • Four position pivoting fogging head
    Impressive 32 gph fogging capability.
  • Equipped with water hose connector and automatic-fill float assembly for continuous duty operation.
  • Liquid chemicals can be added to large recirculation tank for occasional chemical treatments.
  • Heavy wall thermo-plastic construction with watertight electrical components and all stainless steel hardware.

Unlike other fog systems, TurboXE Foggers can accept ordinary water supplies, even well or pond water without the risk of clogging. The secret is in the nozzle-free, self-flushing atomization system that forces liquids through passageways in the fan blades, atomizing as the liquid exits the blades. In addition, TurboXEs do not require high-pressure lines. Ordinary pressurized water lines are more than enough. By eliminating specialized pumps and filtering equipment, Aquafog saves time and reduces costs. The unique atomization process combined with the fan’s forced circulation provides high quality fog and uniform fog distribution.

The powerful HRSM is engineered to withstand humid conditions as high as 100% RH and above, and corrosive environments containing salts, lime, ammonia and other acidic compounds. Units are constructed of impenetrable components like Nema 4 connections, all 304 SST hardware, UV stabilized polyethylene plastics, PVC dip-coated steel, and sulfuric anodized aluminum. HRSMs are also standard-equipped with a Baldor wash-down-duty motor that is specifically designed for wet, corrosive environments.

Standard HRSM features
  • Large tank holds up to 18 US gallons (68 liters).
  • Equipped with flow control, automatic-fill float assembly, overflow port, water hose connection, liquid level pointer gauge.
  • Wide-mouth opening for adding chemicals.
  • Drainage plug for easier cleaning.
  • Sturdy molded handles and 10” semi-pneumatic wheels for rugged mobility.
  • Delivered fully assembled, ready for operation; shipped by common carrier.
Available voltages
  • 1HP, 115V, 60Hz, 1Ph
  • 1HP, 208-230V, 60Hz, 3Ph
  • 3/4HP, 240V, 50Hz, 1Ph

HRSM Specifications


RSM Dimensions
22" W x 25.5" D x 44" H


80 lbs. - 1 HP HRSM
76 lbs. - 1 HP, 3 Ph HRSM
83 lbs. - 3/4 HP HRSM

Fogging Head Pivot Angels

0°, 15°, 30°, 45°

Max. Dry Fog Output 32 GPH - HRSM
Energy Consumption

10.6 AMPS @ 120 V - 1 HP
3 AMPS @ 120 V - 1 HP / 3 PH
4 AMPS @ 240 V - 3/4 HP

Tank Capacity (RSMs) 18 U.S. Gallons / 68 Liters - Full
9 U.S. Gallons / 34 Liters - 1/2 Full
CFM Rating 3,260 - 1 HP
3,180 - 3/4 HP
Noise @ 10 ft. Distance 76 - 79 dB(A) - 1 HP
73 - 76 dB(A) - 3/4 HP

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