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Manufacturer Mini-Stores
32bit Backplane ISA Backplane
OS Build Service exclude PCI Riser Card
PCI/PICOe Backplane PXE/PE Backplane
SPE Backplane Windows CE & Windows XPE Emulation ..
Windows CE & Windows XPE license  
Board Level Products
3.5'' Embedded Board WAFER Series 5.25'' Embedded Board NOVA Series
COM Express EPIC Embedded Board Nano Series
ETX CPU Module Full Size PICMG1.0 Board
Full Size PICMG1.3 Board Half Size CPU Board
Industrial Motherboard and Others Mini-ITX Embedded Board KINO Series
PC-104PM Series and other Add-on ca.. Q7 CPU Module
Video Capture Card  
Chassis and Embedded System Products
1U Rackmount Chassis 2U Rackmount Chassis
4U Rackmount Chassis 5U Rackmount Chassis
Compact Chassis for CPU Card Embedded Chassis
Embedded System for NANO Series Embedded System for Other Embedded ..
Embedded System for WAFER Series IP67 Waterproof Wide Temperature Em..
Mechnical Acessory Parts  
LCD Products
Monitor Panel PC
PSU and Peripheral
AT 1U/2U Power Supply AT Open Frame Power Supply
AT P/S 2 Type Power Supply ATA Cable
ATX 1U/2U Power Supply ATX Open Frame Power Supply
ATX P2/S Type Power Supply ATX Redundant Power Supply
CPU Cooler FDD Cable
Junper Pack KB/MS Cables
Mechnical Accessory Parts Medical Power Supply
Other Cables Power Adapter
Power Cables Power Module
Power Optional Cable Rackmount Keyboard
SATA Cable Serial Cables
USB Cable  
Video Wall Control Box